Electric Inspection & Testing

Book in for a Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR) today!

Electrical Inspection (EICR )

For home, business and landlords.

Over time, electrical installations gradually deteriorate. It is important to check the condition of your electrics at home, for your business or in any sublet properties.
These tests identify faults and defects which may need improvement. Reports highlight issues which may need resolving to ensure your electrical installations remain safe for use. Please get in touch if you would like to get booked in.

Electric Installation Condition Report

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) will highlight any defects in your home’s electrical installation. Including inadequate short circuit protection, damaged/outdated wiring, and faulty connections which may give rise to danger, along with observations for which improvement is recommended.
It involves the testing of circuits and verifying operation of the circuit protection devices. The electrics are required to be turned off during which allows the electrician to identify any possible hidden defects or issues.

Home Owner

Have your recently purchased a property? Or perhaps you have not had your electricals tested for some time. As homeowner you want peace of mind that your electrics are safe. We recommend testing every 10 years to ensure there is no wear and tear or issues that have arisen. An EICR highlights any damage, outdated wiring or faulty connections.


As a landlord you have a responsibility to your tenants to ensure the electricals are safe to use. This is also an important factor in your insurance. You may also be checked by the local authority that these reports have been conducted. For privately rented properties an EICR must be conducted every 5 years to highlight any damage, wear and tear or potential safety issues.

Business Owner

Business owners also have a responsibility to their employees to ensure the workplace electricals are safe with no risk of injury. Perhaps you have recently relocated your business operations or an EICR has not been conducted for a while? Overtime electricals can degrade increasing potential danger risk. Book in for your check today and receive all the required certification needed.

Every 5 or 10 Years

An EICR should be conducted periodically. As a homeowner we recommend every 10 years for peace of mind. This checks for any defects or inadequate short circuit protection
For landlords, an EICR must be conducted every 5 years to ensure your tenants are safe and your insurance is valid.